Top 5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home Before You Sell

Everyone reaches a time in their lives when they start to get itchy feet. It can be brought about by many external factors. Maybe you have to move for employment reasons, or your family is enlarging, and you need more space.


Whatever your reasons for wanting to move house, you will want to get the best price for the one you live in now so the purchase of your new home will be made a little easier.

If you are one of the many who have a bad case of wanderlust, here are my top suggestions that you could use to increase the value of your home before you sell.


If your kitchen is looking a little past its best, the cost of a refit may well be surpassed by the value added to your home. Even if your kitchen is perfectly adequate it may still be worth replacing it because modern designs have changed over the last five years. New, modern kitchen cabinets with the latest storage solutions in them will make a prospective buyer drool. Appliances should be tucked away within units that come as standard across all ranges these days. The use of shiny cabinet doors and drawer fronts reflect light and make the kitchen seem larger that it really is, and new sleek taps and fittings will nail down that feeling of quality.


If your garden has sat unchanged for years, it is due some new landscaping. Using materials such as railway sleepers; raised beds and entire levels can be created to give interest to a boring plot. Give your garden shed a fresh coat of paint and jet wash all of the green slime off the paths. Clean your garden as if it were a room in the house. Keeping everything out there super tidy will make your garden look bigger.


Along with the kitchen, a bathroom refit is sure to add value to your home. Go online to find modern bathroom supplies & accessories that will drag your room  into this century. A bathroom refit can be done in less than a week by a confident lover of DIY. Leave the electrical side of things to an expert though.

Loft Conversion

Spend a few thousand pounds on a loft conversion for an extra bedroom. Four bedroom houses are worth more than three. Install a staircase for access and board the loft out. Gain more light by installing roof windows with a company like Jayhawk Roofing & Siding and there you go. It’s not that straightforward, but you get the idea.


It doesn’t take long to work through the whole property with a few tins of paint. Each room can be brightened up in just one day by painting the ceiling white again, covering the faded wallpaper with some new emulsion, and glossing the woodwork. Simple. The entire house will look cleaner and more inviting. Any offers may climb higher towards the asking price, and you will have only spent a couple of hundred pounds.


Remove any trace of dirt and grime to give a good impression to prospective buyers. Also make sure that the house doesn’t harbour any smells that are off putting. Ask a friend as you may not notice they are there.

All you have to worry about, after following these five steps is to find a home that is better than yours. It is an exciting time so enjoy every minute of it.