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Top 5 Trends in Outdoor Furniture for 2014

As soon as the weather starts to warm, people begin to get the itch to spend time outdoors. And these days homeowners are looking for the potential in their own backyards. The housing crisis has led many homeowners to stay put rather than upgrading to larger properties. And the unintended side effect of this state of affairs has been that many people are looking for ways to increase their usable square footage, even if that means extending their living spaces into the outdoors. Luckily, the design community has responded with outdoor furniture options galore, very nearly mimicking the number of choices you might find in the way of interior furnishings. Of course, you don’t necessarily want your outdoor spaces to look like you hauled your indoor living or dining room to the backyard. So here are just a few of the most popular trends for this year (or feel free to visit remarkable furniture), some of which you may want to include in your own outdoor space.

Outdoor Furniture for 2014

  1. Exterior design. It used to be that outdoor furniture was merely functional and durable, with little concern for extensive use because homeowners simply didn’t use their outdoor furniture as much as indoor counterparts. But with more and more people looking for ways to extend the usable square footage in their homes, outdoor rooms have become a lot more popular, blowing the field of exterior design wide open. It’s no longer enough to have a dining set that can stand up to the hot sun or couches and chairs that allow people to sit without getting grass stains on their clothing. Consumers now expect comfort and style as part of the package, and designers have obliged, giving you all kinds of options for the stylish, cozy, and ultimately inviting spaces you crave outside your home.
  2. Deep seating. When it comes to comfort, nobody wants to feel like they’re sitting on a park bench, and this is perhaps why deep seating looks to dominate outdoor furniture in 2014. When buyers look for indoor couches, they seek out styles that provide a comfortable place to lounge and watch movies, read a book, or enjoy a fire while chatting with family and friends. And you can now do all of these things in your outdoor rooms (mount TVs and stereo systems in covered patio spaces, install centralized fireplace tables, etc.). So it only makes sense that outdoor seating options would include the deep, comfy cushions that make these activities bearable.
  3. Mix and match furniture. Whether you’re pairing a rattan couch with Adirondack chairs or you’ve decided to get a concrete dining table and add aluminum chairs all around, the mix and match trend is taking off in 2014. While it used to be totally acceptable to purchase matching sets, modern outdoor designs require a more eclectic and sophisticated sense of style. You can certainly opt for sets in certain areas, but you definitely don’t want the furniture from your lounge area to exactly match your dining set, just for example.
  4. Bold textiles. One of the most notable trends in outdoor furniture this year is the emergence of bold prints for textiles. Rather than the bland neutrals of old, furniture manufacturers are pairing bold colors with neutrals to create attractive patterns, with both geometric designs and global inspirations taking center stage. And if you want a truly sophisticated look, you should try blending complementary patterns and colors.
  5. Refurbishing. While you’d probably like to heed the call of outdoor furniture manufacturers to “view our website” in order to take advantage of online deals, you might not have the cash on hand to purchase a whole set brand new. However, you can buy one key piece, like a couch or a dining table, and then supplement your set with used chairs, sprucing them up with new padding, textiles, and so on to make custom furnishings for less.