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The Ecocenter guide: the perfect living room

What does your living room say about you? Well, usually nothing – it’s an inanimate space. But if it could talk, would it praise you for your interior design pizzazz or damn you for your slobbish antics?

If you’ve got a settee that’s as comfortable as a device for Chinese water torture, sodden beer cans strewn across the floor, and a telly that went out of date during the first moon landings, then your living room will be muttering insults behind your back like a narky teenage bully.

Which is a pity, because your front room is the most important part of your home.

It’s where you’ll entertain guests, devour DVD box sets, seduce dates and commiserate when your seduction technique goes awry.

So, you want somewhere that’ll emanate style from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. Have a look at these tips and you’ll find exactly what you need.

Come recline with me

You might think you can cope with a dodgy chair, but prolonged use will make your back look like a tree in a Tim Burton movie.

What you need is a set of riser recliners that’ll ease your back like a permanent massage. Pick up the right brand and you’ll be able to adjust your seating until it’s perfectly attuned to your spine’s curvature.

Just be sure to find a recliner that matches your new interior design styles – no one wants to see a mustard armchair resting in the middle of a gothic living room.

Culture vultures

You might love tucking into I’m a Celebrity… every now and again, but little gives a living room pizzazz than a heavy dose of highbrow culture.

Start by investing in a top-notch bookshelf, and fill it with a selection of classics. Shakespeare, Shelley, Marlowe, Dante – find these in hardback and your living room will have an air of sophistication that your widescreen telly couldn’t match.

You’ll have a high-class living room – and you might even enjoy your new reading materials.

A telly to rule them all

It used to be so easy to buy a telly – you simply bought the biggest one you could find and basked in its beautiful glow.

But now tellies come in a never ending variety of species. Dongle connectivity, voice recognition, in-built Freeview, an interface with your toaster or something – tellies have become the Swiss army knife of the tech world.

Really, though, all you need to know is the size, HD ratio and if it has enough connection ports. All else is just guff polluting the sales pitch.

Stick to these three key points and you’ll find a cheap, economical telly that won’t dominate your room.