Shower in Comfort: Your Way To Showering in Bliss

When you think of heading to your bathroom for some rest and relaxation, you think of sinking into a hot bath filled with bubbles, in a room lit with aromatherapy candles, right? With this no longer needs to be the case; the bathrooms experts are flipping the idea of bathroom relaxation on its head, by offering a range of ways in which your shower can be the focal point of the room. Follow these tips to turn your shower from plain and functional cubicle into a blissful booth of ultimate rest and repose.

Shower Head

Investing in a top quality shower head can quickly turn your shower enclosure from a drab area simply used for bathing, into a soothing arena of comfort that will ease the tension in your muscles and provide a welcoming and relaxing experience for the whole body. The top-of-the-range showerheads on the market nowadays come with a huge number of settings that allow for a fully personalized shower experience. Whether you prefer powerful streams of water from a central jet, or the softer streams covering a wider area, there is an option to suit you.

Take A Seat

Many people think of showers as long and arduous simply because they don’t want to be on their feet whilst they bathe. This can be easily remedied by installing a shower seat or bench into your shower enclosure. These can help people take the weight off their feet while they shower, and can provide some much needed comfort as the water sprays over them.

Within Reach

Make sure that you have everything you need within your reach. Nobody wants to be shuffling around their shower cubicle or L-shaped shower bath to reach the shampoo that they left on the windowsill or the shelf; invest in a high-quality shower caddy that fits with the theme of the room, and ensure that it is stocked up before every shower with the things you will need whilst you are in there. This will help showering become an easy and more streamlined experience with no worries about slipping on a sudsy shower enclosure tray.


Add some lighting options to truly make your shower experience more blissful. Some showerheads have built in LED lights in them, often in numerous different colours, to make the process of showering more enjoyable all round, and they can also help set the mood. Need to take a rejuvenating, refreshing shower to wake yourself up in the morning? Set the lights to bright yellow or orange and use a minty fresh shower gel to revive all your senses. Want to relax at night after a long day? Choose soft blues, purples or greens and allow the tension to disappear as you stand under the illuminated hot water.

Before and After

Pay attention to the before and after elements of your shower. Is the shower door easy to open and slide shut before you get in? Is there a well-positioned bathroom mat ready for you to step onto? Do you have a heated chrome towel rail ready to ensure that your towel will be toasty warm and ready for you to dry yourself post-shower? All of these extra considerations help to make the shower a luxurious experience, so pay attention to them when you design your bathroom.