Reasons to Convert to a Solar Swimming Pool Heater

When considering pool maintenance and systems, many of us don’t think twice about how the pool is being run and heated. However, if you take a close look at your energy bills, you will likely find that heating your pool with a generic heater is extremely expensive and wasteful. Luckily, there are other options available to pool owners. Solar swimming pool heaters are becoming increasingly popular, practical and efficient. Here are some of the main reasons that you should convert your pool to a solar swimming pool heater.

First, using solar panels to heat your pool can save you tons of money each month on your energy bill. Regular heaters use up tons of energy that is extremely costly. Solar energy, is free once you pay for the initial set up, solar panels and equipment. You can use as much or as little as you’d like depending ton how much energy you are able to obtain through your panels. This is much more affordable and allows you to life “off the grid” instead of at the mercy of the energy companies, who continue to spike up energy costs regularly.

Another benefit of solar swimming pool heaters is that they work all year round! As long as your still get sunlight, it doesn’t matter how warm or cold it is outside or if it is the winter or summer. You can still heat your pool, which is especially convenient if you have an indoor pool or live in a climate where you utilize your pool all year long

Maintenance is another reason to get a solar swimming pool heater. Regular heaters often have issues, break, or need to be inspected and maintained by professionals frequently. Solar panels require minimal maintenance in order to perform properly, meaning you can spend less time and money repairing the heater. They also last around 20 years in most cases, and most companies guar tee at least 10, so you know your investment will last for a long time. These solar systems are study, durable and heavy duty!

Using solar power for a solar pool heater can also help you decrease pollution and help the environment. Plus you can cut down on your carbon footprint significantly. Regular heaters give off pollution, emissions and chemicals. These are bad for the earth and are also bad for humans, often resulting in cancers and other diseases over time and with prolonged exposure.

Lastly, you can help to support the solar industry as it is growing so that is can become more established. Solar energy is a more mindful, sustainable and practical form of energy. Installing it in your home for your pool helps to increase awareness and allows solar companies to keep doing what they’d doing to make this world a greener, healthier place.

Clearly there are numerous benefits to installing a solar pool heater. You can lower your monthly bills, reduce maintenance costs and time spent on repairs, help the environment, support the solar industry, and make a smart initial investment that will pay off over time. Be sure to look into your solar options at a solar panel company or a local pool shop such as Splash Super Center.

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