Know your wedding style

Congratulations! You have met the love of your life, and the two of you have decided to join hands in holy matrimony in front of your family and friends to declare your love using two simple words; “I Do”. Here comes the last part of your wedding invitation where you need to send invitation cards. Sending out all the details of your big day can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Fortunately for you, has all the wedding invitations with photos tips you need to know.


  1. Know your wedding style

Are you a conservative? Do you love to try out new themes? Would you instead stick to the typical wedding themes that have been practiced for years? The answer to these questions will help in defining your style. At least have an idea of the type of event you are planning- classic, elegant or modern before you head out to the stationery store.


  1. Tailor the theme

Everybody has a favorite color or something they would want to identify with. You may be a fanatic of a mix of colors or go with neutral options because you are a laid back type of person. Nowadays, most people prefer ivory, cream or white card paired with a silver font to accentuate the classic look. As long as it is comprehensible, there are no reasons why you should not explore all the available options.


  1. Choose an appropriate shape and size

Out goes the typical rectangular standard size wedding card, and in comes the circular, scalloped, and square-shape invitations. You will need to consider the costs that come with posting extra bulky invites, though.


  1. Are they legible?

If you are going to use white or cream backgrounds, use inks with colors such as navy blue or black, and not yellow or gold. If you must use the latter, ensure the background contrasts enough to allow the text’s readability. Avoid jargons and terms that will be difficult to read. You know your guests well enough to give them a rough time reading what you have written.


  1. Choose your words wisely

If you are interested in keeping your guest list short and precise, you might not like the idea of gate crashers. You can be strict and kind at the same time through your words. If you don’t include a “Plus One”, chances are your guests will understand you have invited them only. Nonetheless, weddings have room for extra guests who may miss out on the point.


  1. Set a dress code

While most weddings call for official dress codes, you may want to loosen up a little bit. If you are comfortable with casual wear, feel free to include this on your list. Some of your guests may take it personally, but you can use persuasive words to avoid hurting their feelings. Still, there is room to break the rules.


  1. Add the RSVP Address

It is common etiquette for wedding planners to include an RSVP so that they can send their feedback. You can indicate the return address and postage at the back flap of the envelope.


At, you will have a wide variety of customized options to choose from. From easy-to-create designs to state-of-art designs with unique themes, layouts, and graphics, you will have all reasons to impress your guests.