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Interior Design Trends For 2013

With the rush of Christmas and the New Year over, there’s never been a better time to give your home a new lease of life with a lick of paint a few home accessories. Read below for some of the hottest interior trends set to make an appearance in 2013.

Interior Design Trend #1: Botanical Paradise

With brightly coloured, plant inspired patterns being a big hit during the 1950’s, this retro trend is coming back with a bang to welcome 2013. Think bright, vivid, clashes of colour infused with retro prints of botanical inspired leaves.

This trend is perfect when used to create a feature wall with the use of retro-botanical wallpaper or to create focal point in a space with the use of accessories inspired by the theme. Don’t be afraid to mix and match vivid colours or prints within this style. In our opinion, the brighter the better!

Interior Design Trend #2: Enchanted Forest

Real, natural or stained wood has always been a popular element of interior design with furniture collections often favouring this choice of material. However, 2013 is set to see a considerable raise in the popularity of the material as it introduces a collection of natural, wooden furniture and home accessories designed to reflect the theme of an enchanted forest.

With both furniture and decorations being designed to include tree bark or reflect a ‘twiggy’ style, this interior design trend can be incorporated into any room with the house to create a truly enchanted appearance. Feel free to mix wood styles and colour to suit your personal style.

Interior Design Trend #3: Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors are becoming increasing popular with frames commonly being made to appear chipped, aged or – more recently – to resemble lacy fabrics. With vintage and shabby chic interior design being a timeless style, small mirrors are often hung in clusters allowing them to become a decorative design feature of any space.

Reflecting light through any interior, mirrors are an instant way to make any space appear both bigger and brighter. Furthermore, with mirrors available in such a wide range of both shapes and sizes, there is sure to be something that suits your style.

Interior Design Trend #4: Polished Brass

Metallic styles were introduced into the fashion industry in 2012. However, 2013 is set to see the raise of polished brass and copper in the world of interior design. Moving away from the chunky, brass ornaments I saw sat on my Grandma’s fireplace growing up, the new, modern take on metallic fashion sees thin, delicate lines made from sheet metal.

Incorporate statement pieces of furniture within this trend such as lamps, vases or decorative bowl to create a luxurious feel to your interior.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.