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How To Choose Playground Equipment

One of the obvious attractions for using a supplier who has the experience in delivering the very best in soft playground safety services is that they can also supply the very best in playground equipment to be used in those surroundings.

One such firm is Soft Surfaces Ltd and they have a range of play equipment from a variety of manufacturers; they aim to offer a truly independent service to supply the best equipment for a playground rather than choosing just one manufacturer’s offering.

The benefit of this is that those designing a new playground for a school, for instance, can be assured that there is no agenda for selling particular equipment that may be more expensive but there is a dedication to supplying the most suitable and useful equipment.

It’s also important too that there is some degree of joined-up thinking when doing this because the equipment that is installed in a playground will have an effect on the soft protective surfaces which have to be used around it. There are rules and regulations regarding impact protection to help protect a child falling from the equipment onto the ground.

Play equipment and playground furniture

This is when the experienced expertise of a well-established playground soft services provider such as Soft Surfaces Ltd really does come to the fore.

Their commitment to supplying equipment for playgrounds also includes providing outdoor musical furniture which is always well received by youngsters.

In addition, firm such as Soft Surfaces Ltd can also supply anything else that is needed to ensure that the playground is well used and respected by its users including bins and benches, other types of seating, as well as planters.

There’s also a strong demand for activity and play panels as well as sandpits. For young people there are mushrooms seats and rubber spheres for playing on.

It goes without saying that the company also supplies storage units, tall units and slides and can also install fitness trails to help make the playground a more rounded feature.

For anyone thinking of using a wetpour surface, essentially it looks like Tarmac but with more bounce, it is the best protective surface for fall protection and can be supplied in various colours.

So when it comes to outdoor play equipment, designers and those responsible for running a playground can look to invest in roundabouts and other necessary items for every playground

Get the very best designed and built playgrounds from Soft Surfaces Ltd

And when clients decide to use the firm to project manage the entire scheme, then you can be sure that everything will be designed to meet the latest, and future, regulations regarding playground safety and the project will meet its budget and delivery dates.

There’s no end to the combination of equipment and services that can be used and for many people the sheer variety can be daunting.


That’s why it’s so important to have a very clear idea of who the playground is aimed for and it is aimed at doing.

This is because most playgrounds will have to cater for a wide range of ages whereas a school may have younger children in mind for its play areas which means that the requirements for play equipment will be different in each case.

The easiest solution, in every sense, is to use a firm like Soft Surfaces Ltd to utilise their experience and expertise in delivering the very best in playground design and safety for clients around the UK to ensure that your playground is as good as it can possibly be.

For further information about what the company can do for you, either call them on 01625 445760 visit their website at http://www.softsurfaces.co.uk.