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How to Break A Window

modern_windowsModern windows are tough, but there are some ways where, under great pressure, they can be broken. Here are some instances where a window may be broken and the amount of force needed to do so. We’re not saying that you’d want to do it, but there are some situations where it could be useful to know… Can wind break a window? If we look at the etymology of window, it comes from the Norse phrase ‘wind eye’, which assumedly means you can look at things through it without the effects of the wind.

But the thing is, can wind ever get to the point where it can get through? According to meteorologists, single glazing windows at sea level can be broken by direct winds of over 80mph. This is because the wind is hitting the thin window pane at full force at a 90 degree angle, combined with the more dense air pressure when the air is at sea level. If the windows are higher up, the wind is more sparse so will take much higher wind to break.

This is also very unlikely to happen if double glazing windows are involved. Really high quality windows like the EcoGain windows from www.anglianhome.co.uk are particularly strong and resilient so will not break through any force of wind, especially the relatively mild wind speeds of the UK. Can you Punch a car window through? Obviously no law abiding citizen would dream of breaking a car window without good cause, but there are plenty of videos around the internet of firemen doing the one-finger window breaking trick. How is this possible? It works on the theory that glass has a natural frequency that makes it vibrate if exposed to that frequency for a long enough amount of time it will shatter. Sadly, this theory was disproved in the instance of car windows in an episode of MythBusters.