Functional sports flooring – the reasons to invest

Choice of sports flooring can have a massive impact on the overall experience when doing sports from basketball to fitness and dancing. And it is certainly worth investing in high quality as it can cut costs with regards to maintenance in the long run.


Danish Junckers has created sports flooring since 1930 and has over the years compiled an enormous amount of knowledge within the area. When choosing Junckers, you get amazing quality and good craftsmanship as the brand provides wooden floors of 100 % solid hardwood and never compromises on safety and quality.

Why choose high-quality sports flooring?

When choosing sports flooring from Junckers, you will automatically benefit from the brands’ many years of experience. You get a surface that is out of the ordinary – a surface that makes the sports floors unbelievably durable and long-lasting. In fact, it is not impossible to find gymnasiums and sports halls with Junckers’ floors dating more than 50 years back in time. That is because the sports floors are easy to maintain and are fully repairable, and the costs of maintenance are very low as the floors only require light sweeping or machine cleaning with little to no water daily. High-quality sports flooring ensures low maintenance costs which makes it an investment in the future.

All the benefits you should know about

Easy and affordable maintenance is not the only reason for choosing excellent sports flooring. When deciding on Junckers for your sports arena or gym you will also benefit from easy installation as the floors are ready for immediate use right after installation. They always come prefinished, hence, making it possible for you to cut labor costs when hiring craftsmen to install it. The prefinished floors cut down on risks caused by human error on site as it comes with a urethane sealing right from the factory. It eliminates the possibility of using urethane of poor quality to seal the floor as it can affect the durability. Urethane protects the surface and is applied in several coats at the factory to make the hardwood floors extremely hardwearing. So, if you need to replace your existing sports flooring or need to accommodate it to a specific sport choosing sports flooring that can last for eternity is a good investment and an eco-friendly solution.