Five Essentials for An Outdoor Living Space

Does your garden currently consist of a couple of $10 plastic chairs and a makeshift cardboard box table? Well… It may not be to that extreme, but it certainly has an outdated feel? An outdoor living space is essentially an extension of your interior, so if the idea of venturing into the wilderness (your garden) makes you cringe, perhaps it’s time for a makeover! Whatever your budget, here are some simple ideas to spruce up any outdoor living space.

Fire Pit

Fires are sooo hot right now. Seriously. They really do keep you warm. Jokes aside, fire pits can serve as an attractive centre-piece for your main relaxing area and of course, keep you warm when enjoying a cool night. What’s not to like about fire pits? You can melt marshmallows, create a homely ambiance for night-time entertaining, or simply watch the flames flicker. These days, people are going ultra-retro with their fire pits, building a stone wall circle set into the earth with an assortment of bricks, however you can always buy one from your local hardware and have it fitted to your space.

Garden Lights

You wouldn’t keep your living room in complete darkness, so why not show the same love to your outdoor space? The right lighting can make or break a space. If it’s too bright, you’ll feel like you’re under interrogation; if all you have is a couple of sparingly place candles, you’re going to spill your dinner. There is a plethora of great gardening light products available to create a relaxing ambiance in your yard. From built in spot lights that create a feature on your wall, to weaving fairy lights around a tree to fashion a magical feel. Even if you have a limited budget, you can still opt for the cheapest, garden lamps that will at least help you navigate your way around the garden when the sun goes down.

Architectural Feature

Arbours, gazebos, shading and pergolas are just a few of the ways you can create privacy and define a space in your yard. Adding these in will not only create architectural intrigue, but add value to your home if there is ample coverage to protect the space – rain, hail, or shine.

Outdoor Lounge or Dining Suite

Unless you plan on sitting on the ground, a dining or lounge suite is essential to any back yard. Your pieces need to accommodate to your family and potential guests, whilst staying true to the area you are working with. If a lounge suite is on the cards, is there enough coverage to keep it dry during the wet season? Or is it durable enough to take in a lot of direct sunlight? Consider a wooden dining table with comfy chairs, a love seat made of wrought iron, or a weather resistant umbrella to shield against the sun.

Outdoor BBQ

Want to be the most popular person in the neighbourhood? Buy yourself an outdoor grill from somewhere like Barbeques Galore. You’ll find that once you do, you’ll prefer to cook all your meat on the grill rather than the crummy old fry-pan.

Have you updated your garden recently? Share your tips in the comments below.