Differences Between Square and Bevelled Edges

Once you have decided what floor you want, some little details remain – which colour, what grade, which finish…those little things that can be difficult to decide on as the best fit for your place. One of the details we are going to have a look at is the type of edge you want for your board. Two common edges on flooring boards are square and bevelled. Each gives a unique look to your house.

Quick Look

At a glance, square edged planks fit together very tightly on every side without leaving any gaps or grooves, which gives a smooth and clean-cut finish. Bevelled edges are the total opposite. Planks with bevelled edges show slightly curved edges and create small gaps between the boards, which gives a more rustic look.


Square Edged Planks

This is when the planks have perpendicular edges that have been cut to exactly 90 degrees. If you decide you want square edges for your boards, they will fit together so closely that you can barely see the join of one board to another. This creates a very smooth and sleek look. From the practical side, it avoids dust getting trapped between the boards. Square edges are very suitable for an upmarket modern look that can give a stunning contemporary aesthetic if paired with stylish furniture. Boards with square edges can be very tricky to install so it is recommended to get a specialist to lay the floor, as these planks need to be so close together that one single mistake can totally ruin the look.

Bevelled Edged Planks

This type of edge got its name because of the subtle V shape all the way around the plank edges. When the V is more prominent, the boards are called bevelled, but if the V is very subtle, we call them micro bevelled boards. This edge can be created either by hand or machine and can show an irregular or a uniform look. The decision of which works best will depend on the look you are after. Either way, in both cases there will be a clear separation among the boards, but the gap will be bigger with a regular bevel than with a micro bevel. For this reason, you need to have in mind what you want when you are deciding which to choose.

Both square and bevelled types are great, but the choice depends on the style you like and how you want your place to look. If you are looking for a rustic or even Hygge look, you may go for the bevelled planks, but if you are going for a more contemporary modern look, you should go for square edged planks. Not only can you find them in laminate flooring, but also in other floors such as engineered wood flooring.

Both edges show how even the small details in a floor can totally make the difference to the look of a room. So, which is your favourite?