Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget – 3 Simple but Smart Ideas

Want to upgrade your bathroom, but have a limited budget? What’s the smart option for spending your hard-earned cash when it comes to enhancing your bathroom? Here are some of the simplest but most effective ideas to give any bathroom a new lease of life.

Make more space

No, we’re not talking about knocking down walls or anything like that or even extending the actual size of the room – rather some simple steps to giving the illusion of greater space and giving a super clean and streamlined look to an existing bathroom.

Start by decluttering the bathroom – getting rid of all those knick knacks that really aren’t necessary and explore some smart storage solutions for the essential items such as toothbrushes, toilet paper, toiletries and other grooming items. Consider hidden storage solutions such as under-sink storage baskets, slim line vanity units, or even ceiling mounted cubbies.

Removing all items from the floor and off shelves will instantly make the room look less cluttered, cleaner and more spacious.

Smart colour choices

In general lighter colour palettes make any room look instantly larger – and this goes for the bathroom too. Don’t be afraid that it will look cold and bare if you opt for arctic white or a similar colour – you can always add in some colour by using towels, plants, and other accessories to give it a nice warm feeling. The important thing is that, especially if you have a small bathroom, light coloured walls and ceiling will help create the feeling of open space.

Bathing options

Many options will depend on the individual bathroom – but when it comes to bathing, the most practical option is a fully-enclosed shower cabin. You might even consider ripping out an old bath tub if you’re not a big fan of soaking and upgrade to a top-of-the-line steam shower cabin in less space.

There are 3 major advantages to installing a shower cabin:

  • It is easier to clean

  • It is easier to maintain a perfect ambient temperature

  • It avoids condensation problems such as buildup of mould and mildew and bacteria in the bathroom

A modern shower cabin is superbly easy to use and comes loaded with appealing features such as monsoon rainfall showerheads, steam therapy, Bluetooth connectivity, music, thermostatic temperature controls and easy-clean protection, and many more options to enhance your daily bathing experience and transform your shower into more of a spa-like treat.

If you’re about to embark on upgrading your bathroom these three ideas will give your bathroom a quick transformation and a new level of appeal – making your showering and grooming routine easier and more luxurious, all without breaking the bank.