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Advances in Solar Energies for Your Home

We pay so much attention and put a huge amount of time into planning every single interior design detail, carefully selecting fabric, furnishings and color schemes to create the perfect home. Yet unless a fuse blows or there’s an imminent problem, we rarely pay attention to the inner workings. This mistake can lead to spiralling energy bills and ultimately impact upon climate change.

It makes financial sense to harness natural sources and use the sun’s energy to power your home. Here are some ways you can utilize solar technology.

Solar Water Heaters

This is a technology that uses the sun’s energy to create hot water. Solar water heaters are a particularly useful form of energy conversion to install in your property, as up to 75% of the average home’s energy consumption is consumed by hot water and temperature control. In order for this system to work to its full capacity and save you the most money, make sure the panels for solar water heating are facing southwards.

New Solar Fabric

In its final stages of development before it hits the global market, this new invention is a photovoltaic fabric, meaning it can turn the sun’s rays into energy – the same technology that is used in solar panels. As a fabric, this is a malleable design that can essentially turn any part of your home that sits in sunlight into a battery. It won’t be long before this technology is used in the home. Who knows, it could even be used to power sail boats and cars.

Solar Pool Heating

A swimming pool is an expensive investment, from purchase to maintenance. Heating a pool can be especially costly, meaning you may not get to fully enjoy it. The best way to combat this is with solar power. There are systems that work by converting the heat from the sun’s rays, pumping the water through the solar collectors and using the pool as a thermal storage facility. These systems are simple to operate and generally made from plastic, making them cheap to purchase.

Solar Driveways

With new flexible solar panels that can be used on roads and installed in parking lots, homeowners now have the option of installing this technology on their property. In future, this could be used to power electric cars, but for now, it’s heating system removes the need to plow and shovel snow. This form of solar technology could also be used in the garden on decking and patios. It’s especially good for walkways and around pools, as it has inbuilt and programmable LEDs.

Solar power is a great way to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and reliance on energy providers. Plus you can enjoy cheaper bills and cleaner energy sources.