A Few Brilliant Tips for Selecting the Ideal Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

Shower enclosures are more necessary now than ever, what with more individuals having busier, more hectic lives – and smaller bathrooms, besides. With your own shower enclosure, you can enjoy a good shower whilst keeping the space to a minimum if need be, and your bathroom more organised and less cluttered as well.

But when it comes to choosing the best shower enclosure, what do you need to consider and remember? Here are some tips you should keep in mind when selecting a shower enclosure for your bathroom.

Your bathroom’s plan

Every bathroom is different – and yours will surely be different from others. Yes, there may be some pretty common bathroom plans, but you still have to consider your requirements and preferences as well. The first thing you should do, therefore, before you even look at some samples of shower enclosures, is create your bathroom’s floor plan. Whilst taking note of your bathroom’s floor plan, you should remember particular restrictions and limitations such as doors, windows, and shelves or cupboards. Whatever bathroom furniture you have (or would like to have in the future) should be noted down as well. This will then help you in identifying the bathroom’s available and potential space for the shower enclosure. If there are too many limitations, you may want to opt for a shower enclosure with a door that swings inward or rotates rather than swings outward.

Your overall needs

You need to ask yourself some particular questions, too. One of the questions you should ask yourself is: how many are going to use the bathroom? Is it your entire family, or just a couple? Remember: the overall design of your bathroom is for the long-term, so you wouldn’t want to make mistakes or miscalculations in this regard. The average lifespan of any bathroom design is around ten years before anyone considers redoing it, so keep this in mind.

Some important questions would be: are you planning to have an addition to your family during this time? It could be another child, a grandchild, or an elderly loved one. What would their needs and requirements be? For elderly relations and small children, walk in showers are usually a safer alternative to traditional shower enclosures.

Are you having any changes in your lifestyle in the near future? For instance, if you are getting a bit older, you may want a more comfortable bathroom and an easier-to-access shower area. It might be a good idea to eliminate awkward doors, steps, and handles. Another consideration would be your own sense of luxury. If you would like your bathroom to become more of a relaxing space where you can pamper yourself, then it would be good to outfit it with modern conveniences and shower enclosures that are spacious and practical for everyone.

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