7 Ways to Protect Your Gadgets from Thieves

One of the worst feelings in the world is reaching for you cell phone, tablet, or laptop only to find it missing. Losing a high-priced gadget filled with personal information can feel like losing a limb. It can feel like losing an extension of yourself.

So make sure you know how to protect your gadget and know what to do in the terrible event that it comes up missing.

Install Anti-theft Software

Install Anti-theft Software

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Mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and Android also have anti-theft apps and software downloads available. These apps and software features allow you to disable your device from a remote location.

Some apps and software permit you to remotely take control of your gadget so that you can use the functions of the device, but it removes control from the hands of the thief. Others offer a locator option, which allows you to use GPS features to determine the location of the phone or device. Check out this list of anti-theft apps for Androids and anti-theft apps for iPhones and iPads.

Use a Security Code/Lock

It probably goes without saying that the simplest way to protect the personal data on your device is using a security code or the locking feature. Whenever you are not using your gadget, lock it.

Never give out your security code or password to anyone to help prevent your personal and professional information from getting into the wrong hands. This also deters theft of the device because the thief won’t be able to use the gadget without bypassing the code.

Purchase Gadget Insurance

You can protect your gadgets with insurance. In the event that your phone or mobile device is stolen or compromised, gadget insurance helps to replace it at a low or no-cost option to you. Check with your cell phone provider for phone insurance options or find companies that specialize in gadget insurance of all kinds.

Back Up Your Data

Protecting your data on your device is just as important as protecting your phone. So make sure that you have all of the data you can’t afford to lose backed up in another location or in the cloud.

This Mashable article gives full steps on how to back up both Apple and Androids products in order to save music, contacts, and texts in the event your phone is stolen. You never know what you need until it’s gone so plan ahead so save yourself the future headache and save now.

Make Use of Your Renters/Homeowners Insurance

Renters or homeowners insurance may cover big ticket gadgets that you keep in your house or apartment. An article on says that homeowners insurance usually covers “personal belongings in your home if they are damaged, lost, or destroyed in a covered peril. This may include furniture, appliances, electronics, etc.”

Your renters or homeowners insurance may cover property stolen from you residence, so make sure that you have the proper insurance to make sure if something does happen to your expensive gadget, like a television or computer, it is covered.

Disable the Phone or Service

If your phone or other mobile device is stolen, contact the service carrier immediately. Have them disable the service to the phone so you’re not charged for any data usage by the thief. In many circumstances, this renders the device useless to the thief in general, but it also prohibits you from racking up extra fees and charges on a device that you no longer have access to use.

Be Proactive and Stay in Control

While technology offers several different options for protecting your phone from thieves, and insurance protects you against the loss or theft, the best way to keep thieves at bay is to always remain in control of your devices. Never leave your gadgets unattended, especially in public places.

When you are done using your devices, place them in a secure location so that they don’t wind up in the wrong hands. Being proactive is one of the best ways to keep your favorite gadget safe and secure.