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5 Easy Steps To Modernise Your Garden in One Weekend

As a nation, we do love our gardens. Our grandparents loved gardening too, so it is hardly a new pastime. The invention of other forms of entertainment,  television, for example, gives us a little less time to indulge in our horticultural hobby. Over the last decade, however, gardens have appeared in makeover shows. This has led to many people redoubling their efforts in creating a backyard paradise.

After browsing all of the contemporary garden settings at the Chelsea flower show over the last few years, perhaps you are thinking of adding a few artistic touches to your own garden. The trick is not to overdo it. It would be a crime if a mature garden was destroyed to lay a thoroughly modern tarmac surface for the sake of art.

Here are a few ideas you may like to consider using in your garden to bring it forward in time, in just one weekend.

 Snazzy Decking

Decking, in its simplest form is quick and easy to lay if you are able to swing a hammer and use a saw. Using pressure treated timbers, create a framework in your chosen shape. Be different in your design by opting for a triangle, pentagon, or another geometric pattern. Once the frame is laid down on a weed proof membrane, begin laying the decking boards. Be creative here by laying a few board in one direction, then laying a few at ninety degrees to them. Your subframe will, of course, have been made in such a way to allow this.


Use contemporary planters around the garden to house specimen plants such as topiary to add a modern touch to your garden. Planters these days are no longer the wooden boxes they once were. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Stainless steel planters, for example, will give your garden the space age feel that you may be looking for. Planters are quick and easy to put in place and stock. Being portable also has its benefits.


If you are a lover of modern art, one or two special pieces in the garden will create stunning focal points. These statues, or structures, can be lit at night using a low voltage lighting kit that plugs into the house or shed.

 Entertainment Area

Perhaps it is time to throw away the old plastic garden furniture, or put the cast iron items in storage. By purchasing a modern garden suite you will not only have a great place to sit and entertain, but a section of the garden will also be instantly transformed. Using brightly colored modern fabrics on cushions and throws will help set the scene.

 Paint a Wall

Paint a section of the garden wall with a bright color such as pink. It may turn out to look horrible, but it will certainly look modern. You can always paint over it when you can stand it no more.

 You may think of many other projects that can be undertaken to modernize your garden; I have listed but a few. Often, all it takes are little touches here and there to achieve your goal. These little things can easily be corrected when you decide you would rather stick to traditional gardening after all. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You may create a masterpiece. Have fun with this weekend project.